Who is Don Jagoda Associates and why are you contacting me?

Don Jagoda Associates (DJA) serves as the Promotion Administrator on behalf of many well-known brands and Fortune 500 companies. DJA is an independent judging organization responsible for ensuring that both the promotion sponsor and the potential winner have complied with the Official Rules. The term “promotion” is generally used to refer to contests, sweepstakes, games and rebate programs.

I received a notification from Don Jagoda Associates. Is this legit?

Contests and sweepstakes are governed by various state and federal laws and regulations which are intended to protect the consumer. This isn’t a scam.  Don Jagoda Associates has been in business for over 50 years and if you are being contacted by DJA, you are a legitimate potential winner.

The notification referred to me as a “potential winner”. What does that mean?

In order to confirm an entrant as an actual winner, we must confirm that he/she has met the eligibility criteria outlined in the Official Rules, and has complied with the Official Rules. A potential winner will be confirmed as a winner after the required Prize Acceptance document(s) are returned and we are able to confirm entrant’s eligibility as required in the Official Rules governing the promotion.

Why am I receiving a notification from Don Jagoda Associates?  I don’t remember entering any promotion.

Many times an entrant is automatically entered into a promotion when he/she uses a credit card, registers at a website or signs up for a club/enrolls in a store points program.  Therefore, you may have received an automatic entry without realizing it and if you are receiving the notification from DJA it is for a legitimate promotion.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign® is the leading eSignature company that DJA is using to send Prize Acceptance document(s). DocuSign provides an easy and fast way to sign and send your Prize Acceptance document(s) and most importantly, your information is encrypted and stored securely.

Why are you requesting my Social Security Number?

We can assure you that we understand the sensitivity surrounding providing such personal information but we adhere to the strictest security procedures with handling such data. There are two (2) possible reasons for requesting your Social Security number:

  1. Prize Value: Prizes are deemed “miscellaneous income” by the IRS; winners are responsible for paying the applicable federal, state and/or local taxes.  If the prize value is $600 or more, the promotion sponsor is legally obligated to issue an IRS Form 1099 to the winner, with a copy to the IRS, for the actual value of the prize awarded.
  2. Background Check: It’s not uncommon for a promotion sponsor to require a winner to submit to a background check if, for example, the prize includes “special access” to an event or if the winner is going to be directly associated with the sponsor publicly. If a prize for which you are being considered requires a background check, this information will be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in your Prize Acceptance document(s).