Rewarding Loyal Behavior:

Building a strong relationship between your customer and your company or brand is essential, and customer loyalty programs are a key part of this initiative. They foster sales and repeat purchase, and provide the ability to gain valuable insights into purchase behaviors. Through these programs you are able to evaluate individual campaigns and overall shopper trends, which can assist in planning future marketing and sales efforts.


Motivate to Sell:

Sales and Employee Incentive Programs act as a great motivation tool. Providing incentive to your employees for their performance can result in an increase in sales, customer acquisition, new product and company training, and can improve employee morale overall. A sales incentive program can also serve to motivate employees to promote an ongoing consumer promotion.


Loyalty Programs:

There is no one size fits all approach to launching a digital platform to power your Loyalty and Incentive efforts. At DJA, our digital framework powers multiple incentive and loyalty solutions, all designed to meet your company’s or brand’s specific objectives and needs.

  • Turnkey Sales and Performance Solutions
  • Enterprise Incentive and Loyalty Solutions
  • Continuity Solutions
  • Programmed Learning and Engagement Solutions

As part of the digital solution we develop to power your loyalty and incentive campaign, we also deliver: Detailed, real-time performance reporting, with a breakdown of key demographic data to learn and evolve your campaign for continued success, industry-leading merchandise rewards catalogues and white glove travel fulfillment, to ensure lasting positive brand experiences.

Whether you need a quick to market B2B solution to incentivize dealers, an annual sales incentive solution to motivate your sales team or an ongoing continuity solution to attract and retain loyal customers – DJA will assess your objectives, audience and budget, and create a customized campaign tailored for your overall objectives.