Games are a great way to build consumer excitement while stimulating product purchase, driving traffic and awareness, and increasing visits, purchase frequency and product involvement and education.  Both online and offline games require careful and secure execution to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of the correct number of prizes. Fraud detection must also be put in place to verify the validity of winners.

HTML5 Instant Win Games:

Our fully-responsive and customizable HTML5 Instant Win Games are developed to ensure a low barrier to participation. These quick turnaround games are designed to display properly across all devices and are quick and easy to get up and running. You can view our available game demos here.


Security and Fraud Prevention:
DJA’s extensive security procedures ensure the integrity of every game we administer. Our security experts are involved in the planning of every game of chance from its inception through winner verification, to protect our clients’ expected prize liability and, at the same time, ensure the fair and equitable distribution of all prizes. Our online games include multiple levels of fraud detection and pass through several quality control procedures before going live.  For offline games, DJA security personnel supervises every step of the process, from secure card design, proofing and drafting game messages to on-site production supervision and seeding and finally, instant winner verification.