We start by providing you with a dedicated account team who will expertly handle your promotion with flawless execution from start to finish.  We take a team approach to promotion planning and administration with representation from every department involved ensuring a successful collaboration. Your DJA account team will continuously deliver new and innovative ways to efficiently and effectively execute promotions that deliver impactful results.

You can choose from our pre-existing, turnkey promotions, or together we can build an entirely customized promotion to meet your objectives.  Our clients have the flexibility to select all or some of DJA’s in-house services based on their current need:

  • Strategic Promotion Planning
  • Draft Official Rules/Terms and Conditions
  • Legal Review
  • Creative Design
  • Technical Development/Web Hosting
  • Sweepstakes Random Drawings
  • Screening and Moderation
  • Contest Judging
  • On-Site Event Representation
  • State and Province Registrations
  • Winner Verification, Affidavits & 1099s
  • Prize/Premium Procurement
  • Full Warehouse Services
  • Prize Fulfillment & Travel

Each promotion execution will be followed by a post-program analysis report provided by your account team, which will include program key learnings and recommended future promotion strategies.