There are currently an estimated 207 million smart phone users.

Mobile users spend about 3 hours a day on their mobile devices.

49% of U.S. smartphone app users use 6 to 10 smartphone apps each week.

Mobile campaigns allow you to reach your audience on the go and deliver instant gratification with downloadable content, sweepstakes and instant win games, and coupons. They also capture emails and mobile numbers so you can keep consistent and relevant communication with your customer. Research shows that consumers are more likely to recommend and/or purchase from a brand with which they have been previously engaged through SMS, email and social channels, so this contact can have a large impact on future sales. From mobile-responsive sites and apps, to SMS and in-store POS integration, mobile marketing strategies encourage immediate brand interaction and involvement. By evaluating your objectives and target audience, we can provide recommendations on which mobile strategies to include for your upcoming initiative.